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War Commander Turrets

Turrets Are the basics in protecting your base and army.
Learn all about the different turrets in war commander (in game descriptions and tips)
If you want to lern more about the best base layouts 
Machine Gun – The general purpose Machine gun is equally capable of bringing the pain to ground and air units. Good for infantry and Air
Mortar – Mortars fire explosives into the air and rain down destruction on any attackers caught in the blast. Good for vehicles
Shock Turret – The Shock Turret charges up and unleashes lethal lightning. All enemy vehicles caught in the blast temporarily suffer a total systems shut down. Good for vehicles.
Flak Gun – Flak protects your airspace with clouds of shrapnel, easily bringing down groups of enemy aircraft. Good for Air
Hellfire Turret – Hellfires are medium-range rockets that split into smaller projectiles, raining down devastation on base invaders. Good for infantry and vehicles.
Plasma Turret – Fires a slow charging, high energy plasma shot, bringing long range annihilation to a single target. Good for vehicles
Laser Turret – High-energy Laser turrets charge up to full power and deals escalating damage to their target and nearby enemies.Good for infantry and vehicles.
Rocket Barrage – Far-reaching surface to surface missile battery platform. Clusters of rockers whittle down long range enemy units. Good for infantry and vehicles.

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